Kill Hannah Bid Farewell at the Metro

After twenty years, Chicago’s hometown heroes, Kill Hannah, gave their fans, from near and far, the greatest Christmas gift they possibly could, before saying goodbye for good as a band. The present–playing two consecutive sold out shows for two hours at the Metro on Dec. 18 and 19, 2015.  Front Row Music News was privileged to be a part of the band’s final celebrations for both nights.

The announcement posted on the Kill Hannah web site reads, “We could never imagine leaving without saying a proper goodbye to the friends, family and fans who shared the vision and carried us along the way. That’s why we are announcing one very special final show at the Metro in Chicago, where it all began.”

For the final lineup, the alternative rock outfit included Mat Devine on vocals, Jonathan Radke on guitar, Greg Corner on bass, Dan Wiese on guitar and Elias Mallin on drums, along with special appearance by Garrett Hammond on drums. Kill Hannah performed a variety of songs from their hefty catalog, varying the setlist for both nights. The show maintained the holiday spirit and broke out to Christmas-related tunes amidst giant candy canes and Nutcrackers and fake snow. In addition, there was a special Acoustic Performance prior to Friday night’s performance.

Their time as a band have come to a close, but their legacy will ultimately live on infinitely.

Kill Hannah Setlist for December 18, 2015

1. 10 More Minutes With You
2. Goodnight, Goodbye
3. Unwanted
4. Why I Have My Grandma’s Sad Eyes
5. Raining All The Time
6. Promise Me

Deep Cuts And Fan Favorites
7. Boys and Girls
8. Race The Dream
9. Kill Hannah
10. Believer
11. Nerve Gas (Garrett Hammond on drums)
12. From Now On (Garrett Hammond on drums)
13. 10 More Minutes With You (Acoustic)
14. The Trains Are So Loud
15. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover)
16. Songs That Saved My Life
17. New Heart For Christmas
18. Hyperactive
19. Sick Boy
20. All That He Wants (American Jet Set)
21. Unwanted
22. Kennedy

Little Drummer Boy
24. Lips Like Morphine
25. Welcome to Chicago, Motherfucker

Kill Hannah Setlist for December 19, 2015

1. (Life in the Arctic)
2. Race The Dream
3. Believer
4. Kill Hannah
5. Black Poison Blood
6. 10 More Minutes With You (Garrett Hammond on drums)
7. Nerve Gas (Garrett Hammond on drums)
8. The Chase
9. This Is Our December
10. Love You to Death
11. Raining All The Time
12. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Snippet)
13. Promise Me (Acoustic)
14. Why I Have My Grandma’s Sad Eyes (Acoustic)
15. Crazy Angel
16. Songs That Saved My Life
17. Hummingbirds The Size of Bullets
18. Kennedy
19. New Heart For Christmas

20. Little Drummer Boy
21. No One Dreams Anyway
22. Lips Like Morphine
23. Welcome to Chicago, Motherfucker


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