The Island of Misfit Toys at The Metro

Formed in Chicago, The Island of Misfit Toys started out in 2010. Their music mixes so many genres together; it’s difficult to narrow them down. However, the band describes themselves as, “the band flirts sonically between dozens of genres, spanning rock to folk, indie to slam poetry, mellow acoustics to harmonized hymnals, and beyond”. The second full-length album by The Island of Misfit Toys is called, I Made You Something and was released on August 28, 2015 through record label, Broken World Media.

The current members of the band include:

  • Anthony Sanders (words and music);
  • Julia Bard (acoustic guitar and vocals);
  • Jordan Dismuke (bass and vocals);
  • Kenna Hynes (violin, keyboards, French horn, bells and vocals);
  • Mark Jaeschke (electric guitar, trumpet, mellophone, mandolin and vocals);
  • Evan Loritsch (drums, saxophone, keyboards, banjo, mandolin and vocals);
  • Lui Macatual (drums, percussion, drum machine, guitar, bass and vocals);
  • Danny Radovanovic (keyboards, accordion, bells, percussion and vocals);
  • Audrey Sanders (flute, keyboards and vocals).

The Island of Misfit Toys filled the stage, and the audience, at The Metro in Chicago on February 12, 2016 in support of headlining band, The Flips. When you see The Island of Misfit Toys take the stage, the challenge is to try and take in the whole performance. With nine amazing musicians on stage, there is so much happening.  The question is where to look. Obviously, there are the amazing vocals of Anthony Sanders which can’t be missed. However, just behind him are dueling drummers, Evan Loritsch and Lui Macatual. Kenna Hynes is playing the violin at one point, but then if you blink, she’s up there with the French horn or bells. There’s not enough time to list out everything you’ll see at The Island of Misfit Toys concert, so you’ll have to catch a show for yourself.

In the meantime, grab their music at The Island of Misfit Toys Bandcamp site or through Broken World Media.


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