Tennis at Thalia Hall in Chicago


On March 9th, 2017 Tennis played Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL. The band Overcoat‘s opened for them. Two angelic voices playing to tracks in their over sized completely white t shirts, arms wrapped around each other swaying side to side for a greater portion of the show. This set the mood perfectly, for me, for Tennis.

Tennis consist of a husband and wife duo, Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley. Hailing from Denver, the couple bring their soothing and sometimes dancy vibes to the stage. Their current aesthetic is very 80’s, which seemed to go with their sound as well. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they were, for some reason, hazy in appearance, much like on the cover of their latest release, “Yours Conditionally”.  I mentioned to a friend that Tennis seemed like something my mom would have listened to when I was growing up, which was a compliment to the band for sure. I can best describe the entire show as vibey, kept me swaying and anxious for more. I was sad when their last encore song was over.

If Tennis rolls into your town, you’d be remised not to see them. You can see their current tour dates here. Also, can we give Tennis a round of applause for one of the better band websites I’ve seen in the past few years. The level of nostalgia that their website conjures up is incredibly welcomed!


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