The Sounds at The Metro in Chicago

The Sounds
The Sounds - Photo credit: Azuree Wiitala
The Sounds - Photo credit: Azuree Wiitala

I was pumped to catch The Sounds on their 10 year anniversary tour of “Dying To Say This To You” at The Metro on November 20th.  Currently, Swedish indie rock band consists of:  Maja Ivarsson on vocals; Félix Rodríguez on guitar; Jesper Anderberg on keyboards, piano, guitar; Johan Bengtsson on bass; and Fredrik Blond on drums.

The Sounds kicked their set off with “Song with a Mission” the first song off their second album, Dying To Say This To You (2006), and then continued to play the album in its entirety. Thinking the show would end after “Running Out of Turbo,” I was pleasantly surprised to hear a total of 20 songs spanning their entire career: Living in America (2002), Crossing the Rubicon (2009), Something to Die For (2011) and Weekend (2013).

The crowd was pretty lit the entire show but things got really exciting when “Living in America” came through the speakers. This is the song that will always come to mind for me when I think of The Sounds, bringing me right back to my early 20’s dancing to that song followed by Idioteque and a bunch of early 2000’s dancey songs.

The Sounds are still currently on tour in the US, don’t miss your chance to see them! Tour dates and the latest information can be found at The Sounds website.

Dying to Say This to You

  • Song With a Mission
  • Queen of Apology
  • Tony the Beat
  • 24 Hours
  • Painted by Numbers
  • Night After Night
  • Ego
  • Hurt You
  • Much Too Long
  • Running Out of Turbo
  • No One Sleeps When I’m Awake
  • 4 Songs & A Fight
  • Thrill
  • Mine For Life
  • The Best of Me
  • Shake Shake Shake
  • Living in America
  • Dorchester Hotel


  • Rock & Roll
  • Hope You’re Happy Now


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