Japandroids at The Vic Theatre in Chicago


On November 2, 2017 the Japandroid’s tour, Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, rolled through Chicago landing them at The Vic Theatre. Openers and tour mates Cloud Nothings were the perfect fit for the bill, really getting everyone riled up for Japandroids

When the Japandroids took the stage it felt like the whole room erupted into a mosh a little sing a long. They bring that excitement you feel watching a band for the first time when you’re a teenager to life. Watching their set from one from one of the balconys at the Vic I noticed that I wasn’t alone in this feeling. The room was filled with people of all ages, shoulder to shoulder, shimmying and singing along. It’s the kind of experience you want at every show and one of the reasons I love Japandroids so much. There aren’t many bands around that bring that kind of raw excitement and energy.

The set was a great mix of older and newer material. The entire list below:

Near to the Wild Heart of Life

Fire’s Highway

Heart Sweats

Arc of Bar

Younger Us

North East South West

True Love and a Free Life of Free Will

Wet Hair

Midnight to Morning

I’m Sorry (For Not Finding You Sooner)

The Nights of Wine and Roses

No Known Drink or Drug

Continuous Thunder

Young Hearts Spark Fire


The House That Heaven Built

It’s worth noting that towards the end of their set, drummer David Prowse stopped a song when he noticed a fan in the front row passing out and pointed it out to security. I’ve been to many shows, seen many a fan faint but hardly ever do people realize it or stop a song to call attention to what’s happening and that kind of caring notion made me appreciate this band that already makes my heart swell so much more.

I already can’t wait for Japandroids to roll back through town! You can keep up with the latest information and tour dates at: japandroids.com.


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